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Nourish Your Biblical Roots with Yael Eckstein

Jul 4, 2021

In many ways, it was hard to avoid getting angry at something during the past year. With the elections, the heated political debates on social media, and all the issues that came up during the pandemic, you probably felt your buttons being pushed at some point. Truth is, we all get angry. But as we’ll learn in this week’s episode, there’s a great cost to holding on to our anger. Even Moses grew angry when he thought the Israelites didn’t follow the Word of God. But host Yael Eckstein explores ancient Jewish teachings about what holding onto anger can cost us. And more importantly, what we can gain by letting it go and giving it to God. If you think about it, staying angry only hurts us, but standing in prayer is probably the most constructive thing we can ever do. Listen now – you won’t want to miss this episode!

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