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Nourish Your Biblical Roots with Yael Eckstein

Feb 28, 2021

Have you ever felt like you don’t matter? Or that what you do simply doesn’t count for anything? Podcast host Yael Eckstein shares another way of understanding God’s command to Moses to count the people of Israel found in this week’s Torah portion and its important message about our true value and power to...

Feb 21, 2021

Uncover the hidden message in God’s commandment to use olive oil to light the Lampstand in the Tabernacle.  Yael Eckstein will explain how this ancient source of light teaches us how to access light in dark times, and become a much-needed source of light in the world today.

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Feb 14, 2021

Discover the most ancient Bible reading plan in the world, that was first established in the 6th Century BCE and is followed by Jews around the world today. On today’s program, Yael Eckstein will share why this tradition is so relevant to Christians and how it can profoundly impact your walk with God.

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