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Nourish Your Biblical Roots with Yael Eckstein

Apr 24, 2022

For many Jews, Yom HaShoah, Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, is deeply personal. It’s a day to remember one of the darkest times in history that resulted in the horrific murder of six million Jewish souls. While it is a somber day when the entire nation pauses to remember the lives lost at the hands of the Nazis, it is also a time for us all to remember the lessons from the Holocaust. It is a time when we renew the pledge that the Jewish people adopted after this catastrophic event: Never forget. Yet as host Yael Eckstein reminds us, it is not enough to just remember; we also must take meaningful action. In today’s powerful podcast, Yael shares two valuable lessons we can learn from the Holocaust about the power of one — the value and importance of saving even one life and how even one person can make a tremendous impact in the world. Listen now!

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